Texas Connection Consortium

The Texas Connection Consortium provide Texas-specific solutions saving time and money for the members of the Texas Connection Consortium. This unique and collaborative approach enables consortium members to meet their state reporting needs with minimal cost and effort.

The TCC association comprises 40 state universities, colleges, and community college districts sharing the resources of a single Solution Center that maintains solutions from Ellucian. As a member, you will receive a discount on Banner® software, and they do not pay additional dollars for the invaluable services of the Technical Support Center.

The Benefits of Membership

Some of the benefits of participating member institutions include:

  • Lower software licensing fees
  • Improvements in communication and cooperation between member institutions
  • Centralized development of documented system modifications
  • Reduction in the cost of base system modifications related to state requirements
  • A statewide-negotiated contract that guarantees minimum software and annual maintenance escalation
  • Protection of Senior and Community college investments
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Member Benefit Objectives

Developing and maintaining the Ellucian software for:

  • Producing mandated state and federal reports
  • Providing interface programs for state institutions and state agency systems
  • Implementing mandated state policies such as state refund policies
  • Implementing other uniformly needed modifications for the institutions

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